The Mission Masters Team hails from southwestern Pennsylvania, USA. Mission Masters is an event promoter who specializes in designing, researching & developing, brainstorming, and ultimately playing the best paintball games around. Our themes are inspired by popular video games, movies, and war history. From the trenches of World War II to the planetary rings of HALO, no theme is too tough for Mission Masters to translate into a scenario paintball game!

Dean "CUDA" Allen

Owner/Event Producer

Karl "JACKSON" Koleck

Design Mercenary/Engineer

Travis "SPARKS" Bonner

Design Mercenary/

Support Squad

Branden Robertson
Lexi Robertson
Morgan Allen
Ann Allen
Al Colelli

Geno Burkhard
Mary Burkhard
Tom Kersetter

Since 2004, MM has delivered over fifty (50+) scenario paintball events. We’ve built a solid name and reputation for the BEST scenario paintball games in our area. With attention to detail, MM invests the time, effort, and resources necessary to create ideal logistics and realistic objectives, create unique and interactive props, and utilize cutting-edge technologies, all in an effort to develop unsurpassed scenario paintball gameplay and to generate and promote future business for MM and its partners.

Our themes are inspired by popular video games, movies, war history, science fiction, and the like. From the trenches of World War II to the planetary rings of HALO, as well as the survival horror of Resident Evil and Left 4 Dead, the Mission Masters Team has delivered many familiar themed paintball games. Our style is defined by gritty themes, realistic missions, objectives, and props.

Mission Masters unique scenario style is defined by “non-continuous” gameplay – dividing the action into timed segments. We use this style for a number of reasons including:

· The ability to reset playing field logistics – relocate start points/respawn points/target locations.

· Prepare field areas for next segment of missions, objectives, interactive props, & themed challenges.

· Keeps players focused on missions/objectives/challenges.

· Keeps the action intense and prevents lulls in the gameplay and action.

· Prevents the “slippery slope” advantage/disadvantage and any duration thereof.

· Teams & players are provided regular opportunities to regroup, resupply, and rest.

· Keeps more players on the field and in the action when breaks are scheduled.

· Promotes teamwork and participation from paintball enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

· Improves communication; For each Mission or "game segment", teams are briefed with the story line and a new set of missions/objectives/challenges before hitting the field - keeping EVERYONE informed of what’s going on.

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