Based upon his first Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience Guns & Gold, Three Rivers Paintball Festival, August 5-6-7, 2011

I’m going to give it my official “Ten-out-of-Ten.  The only one I’ve given out in three years - Greg Hastings approved.  I’m not kidding in three years I’ve not given a “Ten-out-of Ten”.
You Tube Wolf’s Den Video: WOLF, Greg Hastings, and the PERFECT Paintball Game
Greg Hastings


Based upon their first Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience HALO: Paintball Evolved, August 26, 2006

"That was the closest game I've ever seen, with hard playing on each side. I liked the fact there were a couple missions in each game, some twists and turns along the way, for ex. the dead players turning into another team, and also the fact that Dean "Cuda" Allen played on each side. He works very hard at putting these type of events together and is open for suggestions to improve the play."
Doc – David Berkebile

"One heck of an event man. I think you out did yourself this time! That was the best event yet. You really do a great job on these games and it shows. The missions all seemed to work really well and like Doc said all the twists and turns really kept you wondering what could happen next. I see big things happening for Mission Masters and mission paintball. Thanks for coming up with an awesome event and hopefully the weather will cooperate and we will see you in October at the next one."
The Blue Nut

"It definitely was a close one...Cuda does one of the best jobs producing a game I have seen. I personally plan on supporting him and his endeavors."
Sniper Wolf – Tom Kersetter

"That was my first MM game and I have to tell you all, i have never felt so positively towards paintball. That was an excellent game. It was great how the missions overlapped and everything tied together. It was great fun! I plan on showing up to more of your events.
98 Sniper

"Cuda...Wow! I LOVE your scenario style. I'm a loyal customer for life!"
Bossman - Geno Burkhard



"I've been playing Mission Masters scenario paintball games for around four years now and all I can say is AWESOME! Most scenario games are the same template with different story lines. Mission Masters produces no two games the same. Mission Masters format is like nothing you have played before. What makes MM unique is how the game is played. Each scenario is broken down into seven timed missions with each mission having a main objective, a secondary objective and in intel objective. Many of these objectives are interactive and really encourages team work and communication between players for success.  Points and objectives are achievable for both teams where many standard scenario games fall into a "slippery slope" where on team cannot recover. I can't tell you how many times the game has came down to the last mission of the day and was won by only one or two points. The amount of time and thought that is put into each theme is really appreciated. From the storyline to the props it is definitely something you have to see and play to believe. So if you have not played at a Mission Masters scenario paintball game, what are you waiting for?

Tim "Fusker" Hodge, Legion of Assassins


Based upon their Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience AVP: Total Carnage (September 2008)

We thought we've seen it all and played it all...until now! The best written scenarios, great hosts, game directors , props, story lines, collection of players, and games built for lots of quick and fast firefights with the most "player-friendly" foundation of rules regarding gameplay. "Cuda" and his staff are a "class act" all the way from start to finish and when considering attending scenarios we will now put Mission Masters events at the top of the list!

Thanks for having us at this event! Everyone at the field was super hospitable and the gameplay was great! We'll get our media together and get the footage up quick for everyone to enjoy. And super special thanks to CUDA and the crew that put that GNARLY event together! Also congrats to 'Devon' from Band Of Brothers on a well-earned Prize from Team Zyklon B and Crossfire! Enjoy it you deserved it! Maybe someday there will be another opportunity for us to get back down for a Mission Masters event like this, I know those that didn't make it are mad now that they didn't go. Great job to all! Andrew "A-Train" Holm, Zyklon-B Paintball Team, MI


Based upon their first Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience Black Hawk Down, June 3, 2006

Hey guys! Me and the Beez had a BLAST at BHD! Seriously, I liked the more in-depth storyline and the, well for me, "laid-back" atmosphere from a 24-hour game with the constant "go and be on the field". I really enjoyed myself, and you definitely have the Beez backing you from here on out. Havoc

WOW what a great game! The best MM game by far in my opinion. We enjoyed this game very much and plan on seein ya at the Three Rivers Paintball Festival and the next Mission Paintball Game "HALO: Paintball Evolved." Odysseus

The missions are extremely well organized and playable. After my participation in the Black Hawk Down scenario, I earned a position on the Killer Beez team. Anyone that haven't played a Mission Masters game, it is a necessity for you to play in the upcoming events. Chris Binder


Based upon their Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience AVP: TOTAL CARNAGE, September 6, 2008

Thank you MM for just one more day of the greatest example of the greatest sport out there. That's all you guys do, on a regular basis, like it's nothin'. Everything you guys do is gold. Thanks for your hard work, your attention to detail, and for caring so much that paintball is fun for everyone who comes out to play, regardless of skill level.

On a related note, all the big name teams at MM events --- BoB and GKG specifically, from my experience --- are by-and-large OUTSTANDING at working with those of us who are just muddling through trying to figure out how to play effectively. Thanks to all of them too. It's a real pleasure coming to TRP because everyone is so cool, patient, and helpful.

Today in particular, GKG's SniperWolf was a real leader. On that last mission, he and BT were great taking charge, giving directions, keeping everyone focused and moving. That mission may be the most fun I've had playing paintball yet.

We expect to have a VERY large group coming with us to Resident Evil. The more people we can get to come and see how awesome MM and TRP are, the better!  Thanks, guys, for another classic.

Lee, 70th LHHT Highlands Brigade, Allison Park, PA

My team & I just got back from a scenario game in Ohio (our first game anywhere other than Three Rivers Paintball), and I had to write and tell you how much more we now appreciate you and Mission Masters scenarios. It was fun of course (how could it not be? It was paintball), and the field is completely unique and a really, really cool field. But the game, while outstanding in concept, was lacking in execution. I now see what you mean about the benefit of NOT having generals in Mission Masters games. Our "General" provided no briefings, no battle plan, no direction, and no leadership. Rules were too many and confusing, and seemed to be sporadically and arbitrarily enforced by the too-small crew of refs. They needed at least twice as many refs as they had. An unfortunate result of this was a lot of wiping and flat-out ignoring obvious hits, in spite of the extremely liberal re-insertion policy. (We called ourselves out, even when hit by wipers we'd just fairly eliminated. It got frustrating, but we really believe in the "honor" part of good paintball.) It wasn't at all clear how points were to be scored. Once the horn blew, our "general" was gone and we were on our own. When one of the organizers asked us afterward for comments/suggestions, we told him we had a lot of fun, praised the field, and enthusiastically asked him if he'd ever heard of Mission Masters or played at Three Rivers Paintball. He knew about Mission Masters games and said he's been meaning to get out to Three Rivers Paintball. I hope he comes out sometime and sees how it's done. Your professionalism, attention to detail, careful planning, and good common sense makes Mission Masters games the cream of the woodsball genre. At the end of the day, emerging from an Mission Masters scenario feels like an accomplishment. It's a good feeling, and it's what I think of when I think of paintball. Thanks for doing it right!  Ghost Recon: Warzone is already chiseled in stone on our calendars. Can't wait!  Thanks again.

Lee, 70th LHHT Highlands Brigade, Allison Park, PA


Based upon their first Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience Resident Evil: Grave Danger, October 29, 2005

Let me first start by saying it was truly one of the best games I have played all year…  it was fast paced and professionally produced… The added extras in the game as far as arm bands, story lines and props, not to mention the chips on the field for paint and points were awesome. All of the staff and refs were friendly as well as fair, firm and consistent. You seem to have truly put your heart and soul into it and I can say it was AMAZING! We ( WICKED GRIN ) may have found a new home in Mission Masters and hope to be attending all of your events next year.. it is all we have talked about and can't wait to see next years schedule.. I stated to one of the refs " that it was the most fun someone could have on 2 feet" and I can personally say I, as well as the Grinsters that were able to make it HAD A BLAST.. The ones that couldn't make it were upset that they missed a great game... The Missions were so well planned that I was blown away... I have played for Dollack, MXS, Blue, and Blackcat, as well as a few others from time to time and you had some of the most in depth intriguing missions I have seen in a very long time.

The puzzles props and all around experience made it as... Well my wife said it the best... " that it was like Living in a Video game" and I agree for the first time in a while the game actually felt like it was supposed to... and just not a BIG GAME...

I love to play Scenarios and if you know anything about us we usually try to dress the role... And from now on you can guarantee that you will see that from us...

There were so many options as far as targets you didn't have a lot of time to think and that was great .. Usually in a typical scenario you go unopposed for what seems to be an eternity, You B.S. the whole way there and then the action begins.. Your game it was ACTION >>> ACTION>>>> ACTION>...... that was what sold us and I believe the more the word is spread the BIGGER you will get.. I COMMEND YOU AND WANT MORE...

As soon as the schedule is up let me know so we can plan... Let me also thank you in advance for adding The WICKED GRIN website to your page... We hope to be part of the Mission Masters Family for a long time and can't wait to see you again!

Keep in touch, Tom "SNIPERWOLF" Kersetter


Based upon their first Mission Masters Scenario Paintball Game experience Black Hawk Down, June 3, 2006

G R E A T Scenario gang! Just wanted to let everyone know that I had a GREAT time playing, and was glad to meet so many new people.  Mission Masters definitely has a good thing going, and Band of Brothers plans to attend more Mission Masters events in the future.  The action kept rolling and everything seemed very organized.  We all had a BLAST and wanted to say thank you for putting out such a great game! Hope to see everyone at the next one and maybe with some new team mates! Jacob Phillips


Based upon their Mission Masters Paintball Scenario Game experience

Saturday, May 31, 2008, was my first time out to 3 Rivers and my first Mission Masters game I ever attended, and to be honest - it was a fantastic experience. Everyone involved was really nice, friendly and helpful - both on the Mission Masters staff and the Three Rivers Paintball staff. The missions were great, I love diversity and little bits of extras that players have to do that really gives the scenario character.

I really like the 20min on 20 minutes off, with a break for lunch format.  It keeps things moving quickly and the action really intense, but gives a chance to get a breather and re-equip - plus allows people to take a break without missing too much action.

I don't think I've played with a better group of folks - there are some dedicated and fun woodsball players there. It was nice meeting folks from other teams such as the Band of Brothers and FEAR.  It was a 3.5 hour drive for us, and was worth every minute! I hope to be able to come down for more games! Great work guys! John "Bear" Newman, Lightning Force Paintball Team, NY

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