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13 Jan 2019



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Event date: 9/21/2019 9:00 AM - 9/22/2019 4:00 PM Export event


Early bird registration: $55* per player by 8/24/19

Pre Registration: $65* per player by 9/7/19

Walk-on admission: $75* per player

*note: unlimited air fills are included in your registration cost

A case of paint purchased on or before 9/7/19 is $55+tx for G.I. or Valken premium paint, day of event $65+tx. First Strike Round purchased on or before 9/8/18 $84.95+tx 250 count or $94.95+tx day of.

In the mid-18th century, Assassins and Templars settled in and around the former Mayan capital city of Tikal in Central America to seek out lost artifacts of mysterious and legendary powers and priceless value. Among these treasures are the greatest tools known to man, the PIECES OF EDEN which can control the human mind, warp reality, create illusions, and ensure total obedience and healing physical injuries. Both Templars and the Assassins believe that the Pieces of Eden were responsible for many historical tales and miracles.

The PROPHECY DISK is one of the Pieces of Eden. There are three distinct parts of the disk; when the two shards and amulet are joined, the mystical artifact gives insight to the “Great Cycles of Change” where one shard embodies cataclysmic events and the other shard embodies technological advancements; The amulet is the key to unlocking its power of insight. Mayan legend places all three parts of the Prophecy Disk in Tikal, the former Mayan capital city where the Order of Assassins and the Knights Templar seek to discover this powerful artifact and much more!

Mission Masters and Sherwood Forest Paintball Inc., partner up to deliver some of the BEST scenario paintball ever on one of the BEST scenario paintball fields ever - with over 80 acres of wooded field and the largest castle in the Midwest! Don’t miss the intense action, themed missions & challenges, interactive objectives & props, unique style and best fun that Mission Masters is known for. All of it unfolds on an amazing wooded paintball facility populated with dozens of tie structures, bridges, a new island & bunker, natural barriers, and much more! BE THE GAME - September 21-22, 2019!


Also known as the Assassin Brotherhood have always wanted to free humanity and envisioned a world where all beings could live according to their own will. As such, the Creed "Nothing is true, everything is permitted" is the guiding code and philosophy, exemplifying the belief that all were free to determine their own existence. They also believed that the misuse of the Pieces of Eden to control others was against everything they had worked and suffered for, as it would enslave humanity once more. The Assassins carry out their duties through political, strategic assassination, in the hope that killing one individual will lead to the salvation of thousands. They also believe that they fight on the behalf of those who do not possess the abilities, resources, or knowledge to speak out against those who abuse their power.
COMMAND TEAM: Soldiers of Chaos (Brandon Paige)
ADVISORY TEAM: Silent But Deadly (Bill Hinderlider)

Also known as the Order of the Knights Templar is a military order turned corporate giant. Templars seek to create the “perfect world” emphasizing purpose, order, and control over the freedom of individuals. Templars believe the Pieces of Eden were created to fulfill their purpose. The Templar Order is represented by a white background with a red cross of courage and martyrdom. To die in combat was considered a great honor that assured a place in heaven.
COMMAND TEAM: Five Zero Freaks (Ryan Huff)
ADVISORY TEAM: Mad Frog Militia (William Crook)

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